5 tips to help spark creativity.


Growing up I used to think creativity was something that people were born with.  However, once I began to explore my interests and learned photography it opened up a whole new world for me. (The kid that sucked at drawing and always said “oh, I’m not creative”).  In order to improve as a photographer I started exploring art compositions, colour and textures etc.  As I improved as a photographer I realized that creativity is like any other skill in life, it takes lots of hard work to hone.  At this point in time there are so many resources available at the touch of a keyboard and the click of a mouse.  You want to learn to draw or paint you can watch a how to youtube video.  Want to learn to become a better photographer there are tons of resources like creativelive.  In this tech centric world no matter what interest you have you can learn about it online.

Once you hone your area of interest sometimes it can be difficult to spark a creative idea to incorporate with your new found skill. I have found that creativity flows easier for me when I do certain things.  Here are 5 tips that help spark creativity in my life.

1. Get still.

Finding time to quiet your mind is so important in channeling creativity.   Something as simple as sitting down in a quiet space and focusing on your breath as it enters and leaves your body is a great exercise.


2. Find a hobby.

Exploring your interests can help to pin point the things that you’re passionate about.  You might take a painting, writing, dance (etc) class and discover a new passion or business idea.


3. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to get still, maintain or improve your health and burn calories. It also helps to relieve stress and clear your mind.  When you are relaxed and present you have an easier time of channeling your creative side.


4. Nature

Being in nature can help you to feel calm and we tend to be more observant of our surroundings.  I’m able to notice colours, patterns or lines  that improve my photography but this is actually relevant for any other field.  Even if you are in advertising or programming these patterns and colours could spark an idea for your next campaign or string of code.


5. Listening to your inner voice

I’ve found this to be the most important of everything I’ve listed so far, as many of us are able to tap into our creativity but sometimes we talk ourself out of ever doing anything with it.  The quote below is something that I plan on hanging above my desk as a reminder to stick to my vision.

”…Create to share. Create to sell. Create to excel.  Never create to have your art measured, or to impress people that call themselves art judges, or art editors.  Every souls has a style of its own, just as no two souls were created alike, and no two homes are decorated alike.  Those who judge art do so to their own style preference, not based on your talent. If someone rejects your art, let it be known they are only rejecting your style. It should not mean anything to you. Do not change your voice or style for anybody…”- Suzy Kassem


Here’s to a lifetime of creative sparks and the self confidence to turn them into fires that burn bright.






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