Decluttering, Organizing and Decorating 101.

In last week’s post on clutter, I talked about the importance of clearing the clutter in your life, whatever that is.  I am working on decluttering, organizing, and decorating, each space in our home so that they bring a sense of calm and peace when you enter.  I want to create spaces that are beautiful but budget friendly and decided to share some tips on what’s worked for me.

Start with a vision: Like anything in life you should begin with the end in mind.  What is the purpose of the space?  What do you want to feel when you are in that space? What colours do you want to use and sometimes it’s good to research how colours impact mood.

My vision for each space is overall the same…1. Organized (everything has a home) 2. Relaxing and Comfortable.  I want to feel at peace and relaxed in each space, nothing too fussy. 3. The space must radiate love and positivity… Positive words or messages and filled with images of the people I love.

Budget: Your budget will determine where you shop and help you to complete the project without blowing the bank.

My favourite places are Ikea, Sears and Homesense.  In the summer it’s good to check out Garage sales as you can sometimes find great pieces, it just takes a little patience and  some TLC.  It’s also a good idea to check out local festivals and markets which offer more custom pieces.

Choose a focal point: I’m by no means a designer but the one thing I’ve learned in years of being obsessed with design shows is that it’s important to choose a focal point and design your space around it.  I tend to choose art or images as my focal point but choose whatever is important to you.  Your focal point helps to determine the colours for the space.

Addition and subtraction: Every time you find a new piece to add to the space ensure to see if something needs to go.  This helps to keep your space clutter free.

I’m looking forward to putting these in action this weekend as I work on our office/playroom.





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