Don't keep the gold in your pocket!

”Don’t keep the gold in your pocket…”

From the moment Andre shared this phrase with me, its left a lasting imprint on my life.  Andre used to be a freelance web developer years ago, now he works for an ad agency.  Back then when he was out there building his business he met an Italian tailor who always said to him ”Don’t keep the gold in your pocket”…share your gifts with the world.  I believe that to be a very important life lesson as the world is filled with remarkably talented people but so few of us share our gifts.

I recently reached out to someone to feature their talents on the Inspired By section of the blog; which was recently created to share stories of people who are following their passion.  Unfortunately, their response was that they did not feel what they had accomplished was worth sharing.  Yet I am amazed at their talent and I’m sure their story would inspire others.  When I read the response to my request I couldn’t help but recall Suzy Kassem’s words…

”There are no two Leonardo Da Vincis, but I’m positive there was another artist greater than he at the time — hidden somewhere in the cracks of the world, or in a basement.” – Suzy Kassem

Most of the time we feel like we have to wait until we’re accomplished enough, or something is perfected enough before we can share it but I’ve realized that perfection is illusory.  I share posts all the time that I know could be better or have grammatical errors but I know I have to stick to the timelines I’ve set.  It doesn’t mean I won’t go back and edit but it means I force myself to put it out there and keep going.

Its important that we not get stuck in analysis or the pursuit of perfection.  Create. Share. Repeat.  As time goes on you will become better at whatever it is that you do, as long as you keep doing it and seeking out ways to improve.

My hope is as you read these words you will reflect on your own life to determine if you are sharing your gifts, or do you keep them locked away inside for fear of rejection or because of insecurity.  Challenge yourself to share one of your talents that you’ve kept hidden in the shadows and remind yourself daily…

“Don’t keep the gold in your pocket.’  Because life is too short not to share our gifts with the world.



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