How to stay focused on your goals.

We have always been searching for new innovative ways to get things done.  With our busy lives and jobs its becoming even more increasingly difficult to stay focused on long term and short term goals.  Mobile phones came into the picture with apps and technology to keep us on task.  However, in some cases, it is questionable as to weather these apps and new technology are aiding or hindering our attempts to stay focused.

Most people know that it is extremely difficult to reach any worth while goal.   One of my goals at the start of the year was to eat healthy, in order to loose a few pounds.  It has been difficult developing new eating habits but i have been successful in loosing over 10 pounds so far.  Loosing weight is just one of my goals and I use various tools and techniques to help me along the way.  Below I have outlined a few of my most successful practices.

Make a list of goals.

List goals that resonate with you, that way when you complete them, it will be a great accomplishment and a positive charge to your overall happiness.

This is by far the most important aspect of accomplishing goals.  If you choose your goal for the wrong reasons, it will be extremely hard to stay on task.  Make sure to go through a process of eliminating goals or tasks out of your schedule that do not resonate with you.  These are things that you may doing to please others or just doing because it may seem cool at the moment.

Book tasks in your calendar.

Break each goal down into a list of tasks and book times into your calendar as to when you will work on each task.  This helps you to clear your schedule and make time to complete each task.  It also give you a clear idea of all the necessary steps that are needed to achieve your goal.  Sometime we choose goals but may not fully understand what it takes to achieve it.  This step helps to bring clarity and a sense if timing as to when it will be complete.

Don’t be afraid to change end dates.

If you are finding that you need more time to accomplish a goal, change the end date if possible. Don’t get stressed that you cannot complete the task in a reasonable time, as stress brings on other issues that may further delay your goal.  If this goal becomes increasingly more difficult to complete,  it would be a good time to assess if this goal is right for you.

Tell friends about your goal.

Tell your friends that you confide in about your goals. They will help to motivate and support you in accomplishing them.  If no one knows about your goals it is easy to put them off without anyone keeping you accountable for getting them done.

Stay positive.

Always remember to stay positive even when experiencing setbacks.  Usually setbacks are temporary and with a positive outlook you will make it through. 

It’s not easy achieving goals.

Achieving your goals is usually not an easy endeavour.  You have to wake up everyday being focussed on achieving incremental steps.  You have to be focussed on doing the necessary work that will lead you to success. 

Create an environment to makes it easy to achieve goals.

Although it’s not easy to achieve goals, you can make it easier on yourself to be successful.  If its a weight loss goal, you could make sure your environment does not have high calorie snacks.  If its a project to declutter your home, you could book times in your calendar when you will be free to complete a task.  Also, it could be something as simple as wearing an object like a bracelet or necklace as a reminder to work on your goal.

Find an expert.

If you find that you are having some difficulty staying motivated to reach your goal you may want to consider seeking an expert in your circle of friends.  For instance, if weight loss is your goal, then look at your group of friends and ask your “fit friend” if you can join them for a workout to get some tips. You can also hire a trainer as this individual is qualified to help motivate you and maximize your workout routine.  Having an accountability partner definitely helps to keep you on track, especially on those days you would prefer to slack off.

Working towards accomplishing your goals should be a positive experience and a rewarding part of that accomplishment, is the journey. 


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