Inspired By: Kate Easterbrook MUA

My goal with this blog is to feature as many people as possible who are living their passion and doing so locally.

I met Kate when I was running Beautiful Images Photography, we worked together on quite a few projects (like the image above) and she is truly talented and a pleasure to work with.  Kate Easterbrook is a Makeup Artist that services the greater Toronto Area.  Kate got started volunteering at Rogers Television right after makeup school.  Then she got a job in cosmetics at The Bay after that she moved on to Mac Cosmetics.  Although Kate is on call for Mac Cosmetics, her freelance schedule takes up most of her time, working in television at CTV/TSN, Global and SportsNet. Kate also does select weddings and works with different production companies.

See our conversation below for this weeks instalment of Inspired By.

What motivated you to become a makeup artist? 
I truly had no idea what kind if industry I wanted to work in but I knew I needed to love what I did. I took a life drawing class in high school and fell in love with colour and art. I was also fascinated by marketing and it was my incredible sisters who recommended I become a makeup artist. 

What’s been your most important lesson in the industry? 
Treat every opportunity like it’s your first! 

What are you most proud of? 
I am most proud that I have created a career doing something that I love! 

Who/What inspires you and what is your favourite quote? 
I am inspired by the beauty that’s all around me. My adorable niece and nephew remind me to not lose my imagination and to be creative with the simplest of things. 

My favourite quote is “Make-up is a powerful tool and a wonderful way of enhancing your beauty.  While it can give you a confidence boost, it should never become a crutch or a mask to hide behind.” – Lucia Pica

What helps you keep going on days you want to quit? 
Haha! I am very lucky to LOVE what I do so it is hard to answer this question…if I am in a stressful and time sensitive situation I do my best to take deep breaths and stay cool 🙂

What advice do you have for someone who would like to become a mua? 
My advice would be to take a course and see if it is the right field for you. 

What’s your best(universal) make up tip? 
Always (try) do your eye makeup first AND buy GOOD brushes!! Haha that’s two 😋! 

How do you balance life and work? 
Haha! Still working on that one 😉  Is work considered work if you love what you do? 

Thanks to Kate for taking the time to share with us.  You can check out Kate at the following links.



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