Taking a moment to breathe.

Right now my routine generally consists of spending my day in sweats that are covered with baby spit up, while trying to keep my house from looking like a tornado rolled through.  Some days I daydream about beaches, what my body used to look like,  pretty drinks and the sound of the ocean but then the screaming baby snaps me back to reality.  This might sound slightly dramatic but really there are some days when you just want the ability to breathe.  So this weekend I made sure to take a little time to breathe.  I went to Afrofest and enjoyed  the food, music and shopping,  then on Sunday I decided to carve out some ”me” time and try to paint.

I am definitely not a painter and this was my first experience with trying to paint but I found it very calming. (Next time I might not paint with the baby in the same room but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do)  Painting allows you to stop thinking about all the things that you haven’t gotten to on the never ending to do list called life. It was truly amazing to just be able to breathe and I realized how important it is to take time out and regroup.  For all the mommies out there I hope this inspires you to stop and take a breather.  Take some time and think of something that interests you and make an effort to carve out that time. Because in order for you  to be the best mom that you can be, you need to be operating at full capacity and not running on empty.

Today I am back to my sweats, bun and baby spit up but I’m looking forward to my next mommy break.  When I can stop, sip a pretty drink and finish my painting.

How do you take time out and take care of you?





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