Why you should blog.

If you’re a business owner, musician, poet or just a person with something to share.  You will definitely need a website to market yourself in this always on, interconnected world.  Websites have been around for over 20 years and they have been quickly evolving in functionality and purpose.  Back in the day, (5 years ago) you could get away with putting up a static website, that would have the same content no matter when someone visited.  With today’s fast paced world, content being updated on your site on a weekly even daily basis is now the norm.  In the past it was extremely difficult to update your content on your own and assistance from a webmaster was needed. Currently the process of updating your site has been simplified, especially when using a site designed and developed for blogging.

Websites designed for blogging have become the the standard for most when deciding to create a website.  This is due mainly to the setup time and the ease to update content.  With most blogging platforms, all you have to do is log into the sites administrative panel, look for the post you want to modify and make changes in a text editor similar to Microsoft Word.

With it being so easy to create a blog and update it, there has been a boom in the number of people creating their own blogging sites.  Some of these bloggers have become extremely successful and have gained millions of readers.  Some bloggers have even left their jobs to blog full-time. Monetary gain is only one reason to create a blog.  Some others are; to inform people in your community about special events, to share what you love or your personal perspectives on an idea, to teach, to relieve stress through writing, to promote a business, to promote a product or service, to connect with other individuals etc…

Its amazing to see how far websites have come.  We no longer have to rely on one media source to deliver the news locally and around the world.  We can now choose the way we want information delivered to us and by whom.  I think this is one advancement in technology that has served us positively.

If you are interested in getting started with blogging.  Here are a few sites where you can create your own personal blog.





These sites are fairly easy to use and they are good places to get started.

Writing has never really been my forte, but i do enjoy blogging.  My other half (Gina) has inspired/motivated me to write.  I enjoy reading her blog posts and it motivates me to write my own.

If you feel you have something to share with the world, please share it.  You may have the answers to someone else’s problem but you won’t know unless you share. 

Please feel free to leave the URL to your blog in the comments section, i would love to visit your blog and read your thoughts.


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