28,000 days

28000 days

I’ve never truly lived like I was going to die tomorrow.  This might sound like a strange thing to say because it’s often seen as morbid to discuss death and dying.  I guess when you’re young you feel like you’ll live forever and you can’t picture yourself getting old.  However as I get older and the people I know and love start to pass away, my eyes have been opened so to speak as to how short life is.

Recently i came across the song 28,000 days by Alicia Keys and it got me thinking about the importance of quantifying our days.  28,000 days refers to the average life span of a human being. (In the western world)  I sat down and i calculated and based on my calculations, I have roughly  15,590 days left and that’s if I live to be 76!

Now I’m really not trying to depress you on this rainy (Toronto) Friday.  Instead I feel like doing the math has shifted my paradigm and opened my eyes to what is important and what is not.  I don’t want to waste a minute reading about celebrities on social media or binge watching shows on Netflix.  (well i might still do that just a little)  Instead I’m going to create a list of the things I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t made a priority.  Like putting that family trip to Japan on the list, like doing more things that bring me joy.  But its just not just about joy and fun, I have to also face the things I fear as well.  I need to create a will and make sure certain accounts are joint and my beneficiaries are in place because we often put off the things that make us uncomfortable.  I have witnessed the fall out of this in working for the bank and yet I still haven’t  followed through but that changes now.

I’ve realized by looking at those 15 590 days its shifted my thinking and I’m looking at the world through a new set of eyes.

If you were to calculate how many days you have left on earth would it change anything about how you live today?

May each day we have left be filled with laughter, love, learning, discovery and peace.


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