A little inspiration.

When I look at my daughter and her natural interests I have the urge to document them in the event that she should need a reminder when she gets older.  Often as we get older, the world tells us who we should be and we learn to tune out our own inner voice.

I am inspired by this little human every day.  She is patient, kind, loving and an amazing artist at seven years old.  As parents it is important that we support our children’s interests and not project our own agenda.  My dream for my daughter is that she is able to sustain a life doing the things she loves.

I did a very short interview with her for the blog, please see below.

Where do you get your inspiration from? ”From watching my favourite shows, like my little pony and going to art classes.”

Your favourite art piece that you’ve done? ”My manga self portrait.” (Featured above)

Any advice for other young artists? ”Just try your best and you’ll keep getting better.”

She inspires me more than she knows.





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