Coffee Break Inspiration #1


So you’re ambitious and maybe even an entrepreneur or a small business owner and you’re thinking how do I make this thing a success?  How do I get this thing off the ground floor?  When will people see what I see? or buy my art? or read my book? etc. etc. etc.

I came across these words from Tyler Perry and they resonated with me.

“You need to wake up knowing that its going to work, go to sleep knowing that it has worked, and thank God everyday that it did work.  Yes, before your natural eye can see it, you have to know it in your soul that it’s done…” -Tyler Perry

Because if you believe you can’t, you simply won’t.

If the Sun and Moon should ever doubt, they’d immediately go out. – William Blake




Image above by Outside in the Art studio you can visit her etsy shop here.


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