Creative Spotlight: Love Limzy

Art and Flowers

Art can change the way we see the world, and it can act as a gateway to the beauty within humanity.  The more I come across different artists, the more I see our capacity for love and kindness.  This is definitely true of today’s artist spotlight: Love Limzy also known as Lim Zhi Wei is a Malaysian visual artist. Lim goes by her childhood name ‘Limzy’ and creates stunning art pieces with florals, leaves and paper.

Love Limzy

Limzy’s motto is…  ”drawing is just like writing, playing, talking; It is a basic instinct. Everyone can do it. It is a gift. It is about the journey. It is about the work in progress. You won’t find a child that says ‘No, I can’t draw!’.  Life is a journey of conquering all your fears, proving all the ‘No, I can’t!’ wrong, finding your inner child, accepting risks, getting out of the comfort zone. And most of all? Believe and dive into that leap of faith.”

Love Limzy

I love Limzy’s motto and it has inspired me to take that leap of faith and commit to playing more with different artistic elements.  For all of us who don’t think of ourselves as creative, here is a challenge to play and explore, because you never know what you might create.

Love Limzy

To see more of Lim’s work visit her website Or you cam view more of her work on Instagram.


Be inspired.

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