Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Coffee Break Inspiration #4:Fear

At this point you kind of have an idea of what you want to do, the vision is not crystal clear but there is something there.  There is an idea for a painting, a product, career change or life change, but you still haven’t taken that first step.  You’re thinking “..well, what if I fail?”  For many people the fear of failure keeps them from ever starting the work necessary to achieve the dream.

The reality is, you might fail but you might also succeed.  Anyone that decided to go after their dreams from Oprah to Debbie’s cafe down the street had the potential to fail.  The difference is,  they decided to take action and keep working at it each day, in spite of their fear of failure.  So maybe your dream is to move to Hawaii or write a book?  Start small but get to work, start writing for thirty minutes every day or start researching the most affordable places to live in Hawaii.

Because with each incremental step you take you get a little bit closer to the dream.  The fear will still be there, it never goes away.  The only way to succeed in spite of your fears, is to take action.





Image above via Gina Jeanz visit her Instagram page here.



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