Finding a Mentor

Coffee Break Inspiration #3:Finding a Mentor

I’ve heard it said time and time again to new entrepreneurs, or small business owners that you need to find a mentor. However, the fact is when you’re just starting out it can be very difficult to find a mentor.  Mentor-ship takes time and many successful entrepreneurs may not have the time.

But… Yes, there is a but. All is not lost.

A few years ago I went to an event to hear Michael Lee Chin (Jamaican Canadian billionaire ) speak and he stressed the importance of finding a mentor but in a very unconventional way.  He spoke of his own experience with mentor-ship and recommended finding a mentor who is very successful in the field you plan on pursuing.  The interesting part is, you may never meet your mentor.  You simply research everything your “mentor” did that made them successful.

Michael Lee Chin’s “mentor” was Warren Buffett, he studied every piece of information he could find on Warren Buffet and implemented those findings into his own business strategy.  If you know Michael Lee Chin’s story; then you know his strategy was definitely a success.

When you figure out who your “mentor” is don’t just copy what they do.  Instead, figure out what key things you can learn, and combine that with all the things that make your art or concept unique to you.

So, who is your mentor going to be?





Image above via Eleanor Whyton, visit her tumblr page here.





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