Hopare: Artist Spotlight

Street Art Inspiration

Hopare also known as Alexandre Monteiro is a Paris based street artist.  His street portraits caught my eye with his bold use of colour, however, what captivated me most about his work are the eyes of his subjects.  The eyes of his portraits are alive and tell a story, sometimes you can look at art and feel nothing, this is definitely not the case with Hopare.  I found myself staring into the eyes of his subjects and found a mix of emotion, strength and beauty.  I also love the way he uses lines to create each piece, which Hopare credits to working for an interior architecture company. (source: Street Bio)



The piece above is my favourite as I feel she depicts the “warrior woman” spirit in all of us.  She can take on the world and whatever life throws at her.  Because we all need a reminder that we can overcome whatever obstacle that lays in front of us.


hopare art

May Hopare’s work remind you of your warrior spirit, and may you gain the strength to face whatever hurdle that you need to overcome today and always.

You can visit Hopare’s facebook page to see more of his work or visit his website here.

Be inspired.


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