The Power of Intention!

bella Harris

Coffee Break Inspiration #5 Intention

How do you start your day?  Do you spend time with yourself, setting your intention for the day, or do you roll with the day as it comes?

I used to roll with the day as it came and what I found is… You end up riding the roller coaster of emotions of the day, rather than operating from an internal equilibrium.  Don’t get me wrong, I still get on the emotional roller coaster of life from time to time.  However, when you set your intention for the day, it’s less likely that you will go off track.

Currently I am at home with a seven month old. I cherish my morning solitude as it allows me to set my intention for the day and have a moment of much needed quiet time.  What that looks like can vary for each person, for instance, someone might start a gratitude journal, another person might meditate, exercise, read words that inspire, say mantras out loud like ” I am love, I am light, Today is going to be a great day.  When I first started my morning quiet time or power of intention routine, I thought I had to do the same thing each morning, but what works best for me is change.  Some mornings I say mantra’s out loud, sometimes I read, other times I just get in the shower and feel the water and enjoy the quiet.

What I know for sure is… my day is more centred and in balance when I take that moment each morning to set my intention for the day.

If you find yourself overwhelmed at the end of each day, take thirty minutes tomorrow to be still and set your intention for the day.  Write 2-3 goals of what your ideal day looks like and let me know if you feel a shift in your mood at the end of the day.

Be inspired,


Image above by Bella Harris, to see  more of her work visit her blog Vintage Lollipops.

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