Craftsposure Planner and Personal Visions

I’ve realized over the years, the clearer the vision I have for a project or idea, the easier it is to execute or achieve.   So why I haven’t thought to create a personal vision for my life before now is kind of embarrassing, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had goals, personal projects and to do lists.   However, to me a personal vision is much more than that, it is a clear mental picture of all the things you hope to manifest in a specified time frame.

Once you create a personal vision, that is just the beginning because without action, your dreams remain a wisp in the wind, so to speak.  I decided to look for a planner that would help me to break down my vision into actionable items.  I could have chosen to go the digital route but I’ve always preferred writing things down and looking through a book rather than just relying on my phone/tablet.

After some research the planner that I purchased was the Craftsposure planner you see below.

This planner is awesome because it has the space for up to ten personal visions.  You can create a vision for work, home, family etc.

There is also a bucket list section that allows you to itemize things you’ve always wanted to do.

The planner includes monthly goal breakdowns with to do’s for each goal and a monthly budget section.  Also for entrepreneurs or small business owners it includes monthly marketing goals.

There is also a Vision Board section that you can customize to your liking, this way your vision is always available on the go.


Below are some images from the Craftsposure site.



The images below are of my personal planner.



Have you thought about your personal vision for 2016? What are some of the things that you would like to accomplish and how do you plan on making those goals a reality?  I definitely recommend creating a personal vision and using a planner or digital app to create an action plan.




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