Truth Serum

Let’s be honest, I don’t wake up every day feeling inspired, upbeat, and filled with gratitude.  Some days I just want to hide under the covers and binge watch my favourite show or wallow in self pity and listen to Adele or Sade on repeat because I’m in that kind of mood.

Over the years I’ve realised what works for me is to embrace the moment, so I can move past it.  And it is those moments that lead me to search for inspiration, creativity and joy. I think the world sells us an unattainable picture perfect life.  But we all would be better off if we were honest with ourselves and each other.  The reality is, life isn’t all pixie dust and fairytales.  Life can be cruel, painful and sad however, it can also be filled with joy, laughter, triumph and love.  We can’t truly appreciate one without the other.

Because… “when I grow tired of this earthly shell; I am reminded it is a luxury to even have the time to be tired.”-Tomy Bewick








  • Jessica December 2, 2015 at 1:46 am

    Hi I really love your page, and your photography seems to be just for you, but i was wondering if you do any portraiture? if so please contact me to discuss further.


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