New Wash Review

New Wash Review

My New Wash Review

Imagine a world where you only need one product to effectively wash and condition your hair… This is the claim of the product “New Wash” by Hairstory.  Normally, I tend not to buy into product claims and just move on, but this product caused me to pause because of the claim that it also worked on Afro-kinky/curly hair. I went to the Hairstory site and placed my order with a bit of hesitation at the $40.00 price tag.  I figured if this stuff really works it would replace both my shampoo and conditioner, so the high price point might be worth it.( depending on how long it lasts) I also figured a New Wash Review would be a great blog post for those with thick curly or kinky hair, for all the product junkies like me.


I used New Wash for about a month and here are my thoughts:


New Wash smells great it is a mix of rose wood with subtle hints of peppermint.  If you don’t like the smell of rose, this product will not work for you as the rose scent is fairly strong.


I like the overall consistency of new wash and found it creamy and easy to apply. However I found that my hair needed much more product than the company claims. My thick hair used up almost a third of the bottle on one wash! So I do not find it economical and did not find that I could use less as I tried on subsequent washes but felt like I needed more product for the desired results.

Shampoo Results:

I love New Wash as a shampoo. My hair felt super clean and smelled fresh and my curls were easy to detangle with this product.

Conditioning Results:

Unfortunately I feel New Wash leaves the hair too dry as a stand alone product and  felt the need to reach for my conditioner.



I love the scent of new wash and would have loved to keep using this product as a shampoo. But there is no way I could do that at such a steep price point. Especially since I went through the 8oz container in three and a half weeks.Unfortunately due to its high price point and lack of conditioning capabilities I would have to pass on this product.  I feel it might be worth a try if you don’t have a lot of hair, and find that your hair gets oily fast.


Let me know if you’ve tried a new curly hair product that you just can’t live without.









  • Alicia November 24, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    Wow sounds like it would work great for me! My hair is curly but very thin and gets oily really fast! Will def give it a try

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