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Inspired By: A Few Good Things

I recently had a chance encounter with Tina Mbachu creator and curator of the lifestyle brand “A Few Good Things”. When I looked up her company and saw the vision and passion she has for conscious consumption and curating artisan …

Inspired By: Andreena’s Cocktail Lifestyle:

I don’t think I was truly aware of how important energy is, don’t get me wrong, I knew about it on a cognitive level but when I met Andreena H, of Cocktail Lifestyle I was able to truly understand how …

Inspired By: Apanaki Temitayo M

Recently we had the opportunity to talk with Apanaki Temitayo M about her art, inspiration and creative journey. Born in Toronto and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Apanaki Temitayo M is an author, spoken word poet, actor, multimedia artist and …

Mandalas and Meditation

I first encountered Mandalas in henna but had no idea of their spiritual significance.  Recently, I encountered some beautiful Mandala drawings on Instagram, and delved a little further into the history of these intricate drawings.

”The word Mandala (pronunciation mon-

Inspired By:Tia Thomas of Love and Light Jewels

For today’s Inspired By post we are talking to Tia Thomas of Love & Light jewels. Love and Light Jewels is a spiritually healing jewelry line, dedicated to beautiful, soul-filled pieces, made with intention and purpose by Tia Thomas. See …

Hopare: Artist Spotlight

Street Art Inspiration

Hopare also known as Alexandre Monteiro is a Paris based street artist.  His street portraits caught my eye with his bold use of colour, however, what captivated me most about his work are the eyes of his …

Creative Spotlight: Love Limzy

Art and Flowers

Art can change the way we see the world, and it can act as a gateway to the beauty within humanity.  The more I come across different artists, the more I see our capacity for love and …


Uma J: Artist Spotlight

Art and Memories with Uma J

I came across Uma J on Tumblr, her work opened the flood gates of my memory.  It brought me back to my childhood; growing up in the cultural melting pot that is Guyana. Uma’s …

Handmade Bold Clutch

I’m not that female that has a ton of purses, I buy one and rock the hell out of it until I need another.  I tend to opt for something handmade and unique as opposed to designer or department store


Legin Knits: The man behind the brand

Where does the story begin, what motivated you to start Legin Knits?
It all started with the idea to learn how to crochet so I could make hats to cover my dreadlocks. After making lots of hats for myself, family …


Alicia Tormey: Flowers

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by flowers.  Flowers show us the beauty that surrounds us if we just open our eyes. Flowers remind us of the beauty and potential we have as human beings. …


Story of the week: Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho

Can you imagine being homeless for thirty five years?  All the while knowing you are a talented writer and poet.  This is the story of Raimundo Arrunda Sornrinho a true inspiration in every sense of the word.  This is truly …